Refund and Shipping Policy

  1. Any amount received is not refundable or adjustable against other service.
  2. We provide the electronic/physical mode certificates. Electronic form certificates is emailed to authorized / concerned email id or other means of electronic mode to complete this shipping. In same way, we deliver the physical form certificate at authorized / concerned address provided by clients or other means of delivery mode to complete this shipping.
  3. If charges levied for shipping. It shall be paid by clients. It is extra cost to ISO certificate price.

Service provision

  1. The Services are listed and described on Our Website. Once you approve the which type of certificate you desire and fees paid. Provision of service shall be started on fees/ price paid by clients.
  2. In order to provide desirable service, company shall ask defined information from clients on any communication mode as possible. After service completion certificate shall be delivered as per shipping policy :
  3. 1information and confirmation of certificate shall be cross check on our portal to verify Certificate no. and validity of certificates.
  4. The provision of our Service relies on a standard schedule of Work time taken.
  5. Our Services will be delivered by as per our shipping policy.
  6. Once Service provision has started, you may not cancel the service approved and fees/ price shall be paid fully by you.
  7. If we have started to Work for you and you cancel this contract, Then no refund/ adjustment of price/ fees shall be done as per our refund policy .
  8. All monies paid by you to us are non-refundable and non-adjustable against other work.